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Hello and welcome to the adventures of LeeAnn and Mike.

Yes, adventures!! We would put it this way, we do have a license to explore the world in a way most people don’t. Both of us are scuba divers, along with being Scuba Instructors here in Northwest Indiana. Our certifying agency is PADI and we are strong believers in the safety and certification processes that are taught through the PADI programs.

So what are we doing here on the web? Well we want to pass on the thrill and excitement that we have gained from scuba diving in Indiana, the Great Lakes and other places around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a scuba diver currently or not; we are here to share with you the fun of being a scuba diver.

If you are a diver and we have not met yet, drop a line and say hello. LeeAnn and I are always looking for more dive buddies in Northwest Indiana and Chicago area.

Now if you’re looking for Northwest Indiana scuba diving lessons we have programs for all experience levels and an advanced diver course in Chicago , so what are you waiting for? Where else are you going to have the fun and adventure of exploring the world?

You know almost three quarters of the world is covered in water? Most normal, blasé people have not even ventured below the surface. We will agree that there is peace and relaxation in hanging out in a hammock on the beach, there is still more excitement and adventure below the surface. Besides that, it is peaceful and relaxing to be completely weightless underwater.

Ask yourself these questions:
Do you just want to see all the same tourist spots that everyone else has seen? Or would you like to venture out and see some sights that will leave you mesmerized?

Do you want to plan your next trip to do something very few other people have done? Or would you rather climb onto that cramped tour bus and take photos at the same angles everyone else is forced to do?

Would you rather do something that is going to provide you peace and relaxation while most others you talk to think you’re nuts?

We provide you a chance to see new sights with our Northwest Indiana scuba diving lessons, and have adventures and explore a world that not many people venture into. Diving is your chance to escape to adventure! We want to be your buddy on that path whether you’ve taken our advanced diver course in Chicago or even if you’ve never been scuba diving in Indiana. It is time for you to venture out. That hammock on the sand will still be there when you want to kick your feet up and talk about the dives you were just on….

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