Wreck Diver

Bow of the Eber Ward

Diver on the Bow of the Eber Ward

What can we say; we live right next door to the Shipwreck Graveyard of the World.  The Great Lakes was a commercial hub back from the 1700’s to present day.  Northwest Indiana and Chicago were not excluded from that.  Many people do not realize the history and splendor that lie just off the shore line in Lake Michigan.

Because of the fresh water and colder climates many of the wrecks that went down even in the 1700’s are in pristine conditions and there for our exploration.  During the Wreck Diver Specialty we will work on navigating a wreck site, how to preserve the wreck for other divers and even how to safely penetrate the wreck if you want too.  Wreck diving gives us the diver another complete world to explore and an actual portal into our past.

To take the Wreck Diver Specialty you need to be at least 15 years old or older.  Have at least an Advanced Open Water Certification.  This specialty is 4 dives in length and will give you plenty of opportunity to work around wrecks future comfort.

With the Wreck Diver Specialty, we would recommend taking the Dry Suit Specialty course.  This specialty will give you a little more protection around the wreck and provide more thermal capabilities.  Along with the Dry Suit specialty we would also recommend the Deep Diver Specialty for wreck diving because of depth and loss of light zone.

Cost for this course is $200.00

Included in this cost is course materials, course instruction, and required dives.  Yes, we will dive on a wreck for this course.

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