Underwater Navigator

The boat captain has just given you the briefing for the wreck below.  Because of the wreck structure, you are not able to anchor right to the wreck.  So it is a short swim at 180 degrees to hit the wreck.  Once you are done on the wreck just come back to the ascent line and come up safely to your safety stop.

Using a compass

Here a scuba diver is using a compass underwater

Are you confident enough that you would be able to do all that?  Can you set the azimuth on your compass to head in the right direction once you are down on the bottom?  Would you trust your skills to follow that azimuth?  All these are items that we will work on with the Underwater Navigator specialty.  You will learn how to set your compass and dive in a manner that will aid in reaching your destination.  It will also give you confidence that you can find your way underwater back to where you have started from.

To take the Underwater Navigator Specialty, you must be at least 10 years old or older.  Hold the certification of Open Water or Junior Open Water Diver, or higher.  This is a 3 dive specialty so we will have the opportunity to practice and help you become proficient in the compass and how to dive with it underwater.

As an Underwater Navigator, some other specialties that you might be interested in are Peak Performance Specialty.  This will help you maintain your buoyancy underwater while you are focused on the compass.  You may even want to hone your skills more with the Search and Recovery Specialty.  Navigation is key element in search patterns and finding objects.

Course cost is $150.00

Included in this cost is course materials, course knowledge and required dives.

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