Search & Recovery Diver

Using a Lift Bag

Two divers lifting an outboard motor that was lost

You’re getting a phone call from a long lost buddy.  It is later in the evening and you haven’t heard from him in awhile so you wonder what is wrong.  After a couple of minutes talking about the weather and how you two haven’t seen each other lately, he asks if you would be able to help him out tomorrow.  Seems that his new outboard is at the bottom of the lake and he was just wondering if you could get it to the surface.

After you get done rolling your eyes, you start to ask the more important questions.  The Search & Recovery Specialty will prepare you to find objects that have been lost underwater and once found go ahead and lift them to the surface.  While you are not going to be able to do commercial salvage, you are going to have techniques and confidence to find objects underwater.  Also you will be able to rig and lift an object to the surface.  Safely to protect yourself, the environment and the object your lifting.

To take the Search & Recovery Specialty you need to be at least 12 years of age or older.  Hold at least Advanced Open Water or Junior Advanced Open Water Certifications.  This specialty will take place over 4 dives and gives you plenty of practice searching and working with lift bags.

To help in your efforts to be a Search & Recovery diver we would also recommend the Underwater Navigator specialty.  With all the compass work you will be doing on search patterns, having confidence in the compass is crucial.  Along with the Underwater Navigator we would also recommend the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty.  While you might be diving in limited visibility; there is no reason to make the visibility worse by your own actions.

Cost for this course is $200.00

Included in this cost is course materials, course instruction and required dives.  Instructor will provide required underwater items to successfully complete this course.

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