Project Aware Specialties

SCUBA diving needs the environment to interact with.  We as divers are dependent on our waterways in both the fresh water and oceans.  Here in the Great Lakes basin, more specifically Chicago and Northwest Indiana we have challenges of invasive species of plants and animals.  In our oceans we are finding out more and more that it is a delicate balance that sustains coral reefs and ecosystems.

Whether we want to recognize it or not, actions like Shark Finning in the oceans affect us living here in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.  Our world is inter-related.  We just can’t ignore that any longer.  Ultimately, that is what the Project Aware Specialties were designed for.  To bring thought and action to the growing concern of our aquatic world.

Below is a sampling of Project Aware Courses that you can take:

Project Aware Coral Reef Conservation

Project Aware Fish Identification

Project Aware Specialist

This is just a sampling of Project Aware Specialties.  For more information please contact us about these and other courses designed to create awareness for our planet.

If you are an educator, Scuba Shea has been involved and welcomes the opportunities to meet with schools about their needs to protect the environment.  If you would like to explore more opportunities in this area please contact us.

For other information please look at the Project Aware Website and sign up for their newsletter.