Peak Performance Buoyancy

Steven M. Selvick

LeeAnn diving over the shipwreck Steven M. Selvick

You have watched your Instructor or other divers’ just glide through the water.  It doesn’t even seem like they are putting effort into their diving.  It just looks so natural.  You want to be able to dive like that.  Have the ability to interact with Mother Nature and not be scarring her away.

The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty is designed to work with you and your buoyancy.  As you have come to find out, diving is about having fun.  There is no fun if you are struggling in the water.  Along with that you are not seeing much in the way of wildlife.  There are tips and tricks that we can show you to help make diving more effortless, fun and enjoyable.

To take the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty you need to be at least 10 years of age or older.  Hold at least an Open Water or Junior Open Water Certification.  This is a 2 dive specialty that we just have fun with and keep working on making diving more enjoyable for you .

With your Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty, you might be interested in taking Underwater Photographer or Videographer.  The success of your photos and videos will have direct relation to your buoyancy.  Another specialty that could interest you would be anyone of the Project Aware Specialties.  As you are interacting with Mother Nature you will need to be able to maintain your buoyancy so that Mother Nature is not scared away.

Course cost is $125.00

Cost includes course materials, course knowledge and required dives.

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