Multilevel Diver

You want to see more underwater.  You know that there are ways to extend your bottom time; you just can’t stay at the same depths.  Your computer is showing you different things but how do you use them on the bottom?  You just want to make sure you are keeping the risks in a control.

Coral Reef in Roatan

Enjoy the beauty of a Coral Reef. You would be hard pressed to see all these colors and abundance of life

The Multilevel Diver Specialty helps you understand the computer algorithms for diving.  It also shows you techniques to plan your dive better and keep those risks in check while you extend your bottom time.  It puts the confidence of diving past the “old tables” back in you as you learn and experience multilevel diving.

To take the Multilevel Specialty, you need to be 12 years old or older.  Hold at least an Open Water or Junior Open Water Certification.  This specialty is a 2 dive specialty as you learn to plan and execute dives in the multilevel environment.

Multilevel divers have also taken the Enriched Air Specialty.  Enriched Air also helps the diver stay under longer by changing the breathing medium.  Another specialty that multilevel divers have taken is Underwater Photography or Videographer.  You have a reason to be underwater longer, we will be that this will be the reason.

Course cost is $125.00

Included in this cost are course materials, course knowledge and required dives.

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