Emergency Oxygen Provider

As we have come to learn, there are some inherent risks with diving.  The Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty gives you confidence to administer Oxygen in that time of need.

For this specialty, same as Emergency First Responder (EFR) there is no age limit and you do not need a diving certification.  This course is designed to be used by all in the general public.  If you have a need or desire you can take this course or EFR.

As we say, it is better to act and know then to stand aside and wonder what if….

Divers that have taken this specialty have also gone on and complete Rescue Diver.  Some have even moved onto the professional ranks of SCUBA diving and became Dive Masters.

Course cost is $100.00

Included in cost is course materials and course knowledge.  Instructor will supply necessary items to successfully complete this course.  There are no dives with this course so it is a great way to keep skills fresh in the “off season”.

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