Dry Suit Diver

Your buddies are saying it will be fun.  Jump on the charter and dive a couple of the wrecks in Lake Michigan, right off Chicago.  Don’t have to spend hours getting somewhere, explore right here in your own backyard as it were.  What could be so challenging about that?

Brad on the Steven M. Selvick

Brad over the top of the shipwreck Steven M. Selvick

As many of us know, it is not till almost August that the water temps on Lake Michigan get above 60 degrees.  The beauty of the dry suit is that you are able to minimize the heat loss, stay dry and stay down longer.  With the Dry Suit Specialty certification, you learn about the different styles of dry suit, the special characteristics of the suit and special procedures to handle an emergency in a dry suit.

To take the Dry Suit Specialty, you need to be 10 years old or older.  Hold an Open Water or Junior Open Water Certification.  This is a 2 dive specialty that lets you work on skills and become proficient with the dry suit.

Divers that have taken this specialty have also taken the Deep Diver Specialty.  Since water (for the most part) gets colder the deeper you go.  They have also taken Underwater Photography or Videographer.  Since they are not moving all that much, a dry suit will help keep them warm while underwater.

Cost for this course is $125.00

Included in this course is course materials, course instruction and the required dives.  NOT INCLUDED in this cost is the rental of a dry suit.  Scuba Shea does try to incorporate this training with such events as the DUI DOG DAYS where you can try multiple suits out for one cost.  Keep an eye out for us to announce these events and discover local diving with us.

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