Digital Underwater Photography

You have a passion for taking photos up here on land, above the water line.  People will just oh and ah over your photos as they look at them.  Why not take that underwater?  Take photos where few people take photos and really capture something they might not have seen before.

Photographer on Wreck

An Underwater Photographer preparing to take a photo on a shipwreck

The digital camera has been a blessing to the SCUBA diver.  It allows us to have immediate feedback on the photo we just took.  While it has given that feedback, there are also other issues that we must contend with now.  How you go from taking a photo with blue overtones on everything to taking a shot that just jumps out at you is what the Digital Underwater Photography Specialty is all about.

To take the course, all you need to be is 10 years of age or older.  Hold at least an Open Water or Junior Open water certification.  This is a 2 dive specialty so we can spend lots of time underwater honing your skills.

Digital Underwater Photography allows you to capture what you see in vivid detail.  It allows you to interact with Mother Nature on a more personal level because you will not be moving as much.  Other specialties that we would recommend with Underwater Photography would be the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty and Enriched Air Specialty.  Buoyancy so that you are able to maintain your positioning for taking the shot and enriched air to have the ability to stay down longer.

Cost for this course is $125.00

Included in this cost is course material, course instruction and required dives.  If you ask nicely, you can use some of the instructors equipment to find out what suits your fancy.

Use the PayPal link below to start the process or contact us directly so we can set your training up.