Deep Diver

You’re anchored and you feel the gentle roll of the waves below your feet.  You have just listened to the dive brief about the wreck that is below you.  You’re excited, you have read about this wreck in various magazines and you put it on your “bucket list”.  You’re used to having hour long dives and looking for another experience like that.

LeeAnn deep diving

As a Deep Scuba Diver there are special considerations you must account for

You look over at the Dive Master; he is securing an additional bottle to himself.  You joke with him about staying down too long.  His response is something about the other divers staying down too long.  Now it starts to sink in, this dive is deeper than most dives you have been on.

The Deep Diver Specialty is designed to give you guided experiences in depths greater than 60 feet.  Here we will go through planning deep dives, challenges in deep dives and the changes in air consumption rates.  We will also work on procedures for overcoming nitrogen narcosis and other issues that can happen only with deep dives.  As we said, this is a guided experience so you are gaining knowledge and better comfort with a deep dive.

For the Deep Diver Specialty, you must be 15 years of age or older.  Hold at least an Advanced Open Water Diver certification.  This is a 4 dive specialty with knowledge development.

With the Deep Diver Specialty, your world is opening up more.  Maybe you want to stay down there longer so another course that would be of interest to you is Enriched Air.  Many Deep Divers take this specialty because they want to see wrecks, so the Wreck Diver Specialty is another choice.  In any circumstance, the Deep Diver Specialty is to give you the knowledge and comfort of doing deeper dives.

Cost for this course is $200.00

Included in that cost is course materials, course instruction and the required dives.

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