Recent Shipwreck Discovery

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Recent Shipwreck Discovery

Here are some recent Shipwreck Discovery

Steven M. Selvick

LeeAnn diving over the shipwreck Steven M. Selvick

Don’t think there is anything remotely adventurous about scuba diving?  Don’t think that you can find treasures and clues from the past here in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area?  Well, your adventures might lead you to somewhere other than Chicago and Northwest Indiana.  Still you can start your adventure here.  The world of the undersea explorers were blessed with the announcements of two shipwreck discovery.

The first shipwreck discovery was found off Whitefish Point in Lake Superior and has already been identified as the Nelson.  This schooner went down in  a spring gale in the year of 1899.  What makes this tragedy so much more poignant was that the good Captain stayed aboard his vessel and lowered the lifeboat down that held his wife and children.  The Nelson, foundering went under quickly and pulled the lifeboat down with it.  The Captain would be the only surviving member of the sinking as he was washed ashore in Whitefish Point and nursed back to health.

The second shipwreck discovery was found in the Northwest passage and was one of the ships from the Franklin Expedition.  This shipwreck (and her unfound mate) was lost in 1846 when they became icebound.  The crew would make it safely to land where they would succumb to starvation due to lack of proper supplies.

Both of these wrecks have much to offer us in terms of history and the ability to learn more about our past.  Neither would have been found if there was not concerted efforts trying to find ships like these.  We still have much to explore!  Even in smaller bodies of water like the Great Lakes (compared to the oceans) there are treasures to be found that we have no clue about yet.

So think about that the next time you are thinking there are no adventures to be had.  Thinking that you can’t find a new treasure or something that can change the way we look at the world.  Our undersea world has the ability to open doors for us that we didn’t even know were closed.  So what are you waiting for, are you ready to take up the challenge and explore again?  Use this shipwreck discovery to reignite your passion for exploration.  You will be glad you did!