Rescue Diver

Coast Guard Rescue

A rescue swimmer enters the water from a Coast Guard helicopter

You’re on the boat, joking back and forth with your buddies.  You look over and the new diver is looking a little apprehensive.  It is a longer ride out to the Wreck site so back to telling the stories.  Awhile later, you look over again and the new diver is still looking a little apprehensive.  Since diving is a jolly sport for all to have fun, you invite them into the conversation.  It relaxes them a bit and the conversation comes around to what they are nervous about.  It is nothing serious, just that fear of the unknown creeping in.  Hard to believe, but this is more of the dive emergencies that I have dealt with then the full blown, need to do CPR.

There are inherent risks with diving, don’t let anyone tell you differently.  You have gotten yourself into the comfort level of exploring more underwater.  You like being there and being with other divers.  Now you are starting to think about other divers more.  This is where the Rescue Diver course comes in.  Here is where you take your desire to dive and learn more about how to help others have more enjoyable dives and incase it is needed, provide that ability to rescue.

The Rescue Diver course is made up of knowledge development, Rescue Exercises that range from Self helping to being part of a Rescue Team.  Lastly, we put all this together in Scenarios that are designed to challenge you and give you realistic expectations of a Diving Emergency.

To enter into the Rescue Diver Course, you need to be at least 12 years old.  Hold a rating of Advanced Open Water.  Completed and current PADI EFR (Emergency First Response) or hold an equivalent CPR with First Aid certification.

Rescue Diver is one of the most demanding and satisfying courses that you can go through.  It is one that will serve you the best and give you the confidence to act when there is a dive emergency.  Always, we hope that you will never have to use the skills and confidence that our training will provide, but it will be there for you.  Maybe you will only have to talk with that diver on the boat to calm their fears and make sure all have a great dive.  In any case, you can be prepared to act when needed.

Course cost is $250.00

Cost includes course materials, course knowledge and required dives.  Cost DOES NOT INCLUDE Emergency First Response (EFR) certification.

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