Rescue / Pro Diving

You have advanced in your Scuba Diving Skills.  Your starting to think that maybe, you want to teach others how to dive safely.  You want to take the diving knowledge and scuba lessons and impart that knowledge onto others.  Nothing wrong with that, it is the feeling that you get when you love this sport of Scuba diving and want to pass the torch as it were.

No worries, you can make a difference even here in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area.  Starting your Professional Scuba Diving career with us, you will learn what it takes to be successful.  You will also learn what it takes to succeed and become a confident Open Water Instructor.  One that your students and diving counterparts will look at with respect and come back to with questions.

Start your professional adventure with us, you will succeed here!


Rescue Diver


Dive Master


Assistant Instructor