Scuba Refresher

Hey, we understand.  Life has a way of getting in the way of us having fun.  That is no issue.  Really, not a big problem.  Spend some time with us looking at a couple of the concepts and time in the water and you will be back on your way to having fun and adventure.

A good portion of what dictates how much we have to do depends on how long you have been out of the water.  Only a year or two, we can get you back in the water quick.  Been out for about 15 or 20 then that is going to take a bit more.  We can work on it together.

Click on anyone of the links below for the instruction or adventure that you desire.

Open Water / Scuba Diver:  This is just the start of your Diving Adventure but we all need to take that first step

Adventure / Advance Open Water Diver:  You realize there is more to diving and you’re taking control

SCUBA Refresher:  Ok, you have been out of the water for a bit and want to get back into the water comfortably.

Fun Dives / Discover Local Diving:  Hey, you don’t have to take a class with us to have fun!  Maybe you just want a competent dive buddy.  So here we are!  If you have never been diving in this area before then let’s go explore together.

Discover SCUBA Diving:  Never been diving and want to feel what all this excitement is about?  Let’s take our first breath’s underwater together.