It’s All About Having Fun

Scuba diving is fun.  We are fortunate to be located near the Great Lakes.  Still, it never ceases to amaze me, people around the Great Lakes ask what there is to scuba dive here?  Now, without a doubt, we are some of the luckiest people in North America.  Why is that you say?  Because we have some of the greatest dive locations in North America.  The Great Lakes were bustling with traffic, trade and exploration.  Being in the Chicago area, puts us in a great position to head to various places on the Great Lakes to dive.

Hang Loose

A new dive buddy having fun

Ok, serious note, we live in Northwest Indiana and work around the Chicago area.  While the Great Lakes is a great diving destination, there are multiple other places to dive too.  Chicago is lucky enough to have one of the better training areas in all of the Midwest.  Along with quarries and some inland lakes for training, we are in a great position to travel.  Within hours we could be diving various locations on the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean or even the Gulf of Mexico.

Why do I tell you all of that?  Because we travel to places to have fun, explore and dive.  So if you are interested in diving, reach out to us and find out where we are headed to next.  We will have trips also posted on Facebook as well as here.  So make plans on exploring the world with us.

Click on anyone of the links below for the instruction or adventure that you desire.


Open Water / Scuba Diver:  This is just the start of your Diving Adventure but we all need to take that first step

Adventure / Advance Open Water Diver:  You realize there is more to diving and you’re taking control

SCUBA Refresher:  Ok, you have been out of the water for a bit and want to get back into the water comfortably.

Fun Dives / Discover Local Diving:  Hey, you don’t have to take a class with us to have fun!  Maybe you just want a competent dive buddy.  So here we are!  If you have never been diving in this area before then let’s go explore together.

Discover SCUBA Diving:  Never been diving and want to feel what all this excitement is about?  Let’s take our first breath’s underwater together.