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Open Water Scuba Class

Learning to scuba dive in the open water scuba class

We’re the most fun scuba dive shop in Chicago! Come learn to scuba dive or advance your scuba diving training.

Yes: You’re a Scuba Diver…

Face it, No matter if you have breathed underwater or not! If you want to take part of this aquatic lifestyle, have fun and adventure then you will become a scuba diver!

We are some of the most competent, hands on and knowledgeable scuba Instructors in Northwest Indiana (NWI) and all of the Chicago area. We want you to achieve your dreams and desires of becoming a scuba diver, we want you to learn to scuba dive properly.  With the PADI philosophy and our scuba diver training you will be well on your way to becoming a competent and comfortable scuba diver. At this point in time, we don’t know what your motivation is in learning to scuba dive, but our experiences and expertise allows us to cater to your goals. We are committed to your fun and excitement in learning to scuba dive.

Because of that, we take a 3 phase approach to your scuba diving lessons and help you learn to scuba dive. We want your progression of becoming a scuba diver to be safe, fun and enjoyable:

First is knowledge presentations and development. This could be in classroom setting, in your home, online even at our scuba dive shop in Chicago. We want you to be comfortable with diving terms, the concepts of scuba diving, the training and scuba equipment that makes your diving fun, safe and enjoyable.

Second is skills presentation and practice in confined waters. Here you will learn the foundation of your scuba diving skills to build confidence in the underwater world.  These skills will be the basis of all scuba diving for the rest of your diving adventure.

Third is skills refinement and diving in the open water. Here is where you take the skills learned in the confined water, refine them and put them to use on actual open water dives. You will be out there with all the cool stuff!

Fourth, ok, I said there were 3 phases in your quest to learn to scuba dive; but here is the truth: The only way to become a great scuba diver is by diving. Just like driving, no matter what we say, we were not the best drivers after getting our license. We had to drive to get better. Your diving is the same way! To be a competent and great diver you need to get back in the water! You need to continue to practice and keep learning more about scuba diving.  Please, don’t cut yourself short….DIVE!

To further understand more about what it takes to become a scuba diver; contact LeeAnn or Mike.  Our phone number is (219) 649-0094.  Or email us at or .  We are always there to answer questions and develop what is right for you.


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Open Water / Scuba Diver: This is just the start of your Scuba Diving Adventure and Scuba diving training, but we all need to take that first step…

Adventure / Advance Open Water Diver: You realize there is more to scuba diving then those first scuba lessons that you took. Now you’re taking control of your scuba diving!
SCUBA Refresher: Ok, you have been out of the water for a bit and want to get back into the water comfortably. No shame in admitting that. You’re a better scuba diver for getting a little refresher in new scuba equipment and diving techniques.
Fun Dives / Discover Local Diving: Hey, you don’t have to take scuba lessons to have fun with us! Maybe you just want a competent dive buddy. Here we are! If you have never been diving in this area before then let’s go explore together.
Discover SCUBA Diving: Never been scuba diving and want to feel what all this excitement is about? Let’s take our first breaths underwater together. Visit our scuba dive shop in Chicago!