Don’t Lose the chance to see our Aquatic World

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Don’t Lose the chance to see our Aquatic World

Don’t lose the Chance to see the Dramatic and Unbelievable in our Aquatic World

Amazing World

Photo by King Fisher of the Cobra Rock Tower

As humans, we have a tendency to think that things will always be there for us.  For the most part, this might be close to being true.  Still, as with anything that involves Mother Nature, and our world, not everything is going to be around forever.  Our world offers us many treasures, that sometimes we might have to make an effort to see.  Our aquatic world offers the dramatic and unbelievable more times than I can recount.  From the first time that I found (by sheer accident) an octopus on a flat, sandy expanse to sharing a nudibranch with LeeAnn.  I became awed by our aquatic world.  Heck, even the topside world, where we all live people don’t take the time to see the dramatic and unbelievable.  Many times, people just take the attitude that I don’t have time for that right now.  Besides it will be there tomorrow…..

Have you ever heard of the Rock Tower formation called the Cobra?  Many would not, since it is only about 50 feet in height.  It wasn’t like you were looking at Mt. McKinley or Mt. Rainier.  Still, as you can see by the photo, it did look like a Cobra.  It was one of those structures that people from all around the world, came to see.  It was also a favorite for many climbers in the area.  You might have seen it in a recent commercial about a lady needing a new rock?

Why do I bring the Cobra up?  Well, because it is not there any longer.  Storms last week brought the head down.  Something that has stood for probably a couple of millions of years is no longer.  Click on the picture of the climber Lisa Justice to read the full story.

Climber exploring the Cobra

Photo of Lisa Justice on the Cobra Rock Tower

Our aquatic world is the same way.  Mother Nature is always working to change, erode and deteriorate what is there.  From shipwrecks to underwater formations, the hands of time are always moving in one way or another.  All of this over time, has a dramatic effect.  Recently we dove the shipwrecks of North Carolina.  It has been almost 5 years since we last did a dive there.  Even in that short time, we see the changes to the wrecks and artificial reefs there.  As well as the shipwrecks when we dive the Straits of Mackinac.  It is only a matter of time till you have nothing but a pile of rubble to look at before that is gone too.

Still, what about the beauty of the corals and underwater organisms?  We are still discovering new species, fora, and marine life that we never knew existed in our aquatic world.  As we struggle to protect sharks, stingrays, and other animals; it would beg the question about what we have lost before even knowing about it?  We are inter-related to our aquatic world.  Why not see what is dramatic and unbelievable for you to see?

As we know, the hands of time don’t slow down (I know, because I have been trying to make them slow down).  It might not be there for you tomorrow, take the time today to see what is dramatic and unbelievable in our aquatic world for you.  You will be more enriched and glad that you did.  We, ourselves only have so long before the hands of time changes us too.