Refund Policy

LeeAnn having Fun

LeeAnn having Fun

We at Scuba Shea LLC, and our independent contractors believe that we provide you the greatest experience you will ever have scuba diving!  OK, we understand that sometimes life will get in the way and our best laid plans do not materialize.

As an organization, Scuba Shea is dedicated to providing the scuba diver with a level of satisfaction in multiple facets.  First, we are divers and believe that you need to dive to enjoy the aspect of scuba diving in the Chicago area and scuba diving in Northwest Indiana.  This can be accomplished in part by providing scuba diving lessons or scuba instruction to you the diver.  Another aspect is to offer scuba diving trips and the ability to discover local diving in the Midwest Region.  Please remember, that while we are talking about the paid aspect of diving; we also have fun “just diving” with you and want to let you have the freedom to “just” dive.

Refund Policy on Instruction:

If a course has been purchased through Scuba Shea LLC; and no instruction has been given we will refund the cost of the course minus book (crew pack) fees.

If a course has been purchased through Scuba Shea LLC; and any or the entire classroom instruction has been started, but no in-water instruction has been given.  Then we will place on account for future classes any unused funds.  There is no direct refund to the student.

If a course has been purchased through Scuba Shea LLC; and classroom instruction has been given along with any in-water instruction given then there is no refund given.

Refund Policy on Scuba Diving Trips:

At least annually we will provide a destination (think warm and away while it is snowing here in Chicago and Northwest Indiana) that we are headed too.  We are also going to do other trips throughout the year to other locations.  We will take suggestions too….so don’t be afraid to make one.

Most trips require at least 3 payments, the initial down payment, another payment in the 60 to 70 day category and then a final payment 30 to 40 days out.

In regards to trips, we are bound by those offering the trip and must adhere to those stipulations.  We will spell out the refund policy to the best of our ability when the trip is booked.  We will also hold an informational meeting on the upcoming trip to answer questions and develop timelines.

Refund Policy on Discover Local Diving:

If Scuba Shea LLC identifies the “trip” as discover local diving, then there is no payment cycle.  Discover local diving is taking place within the Midwest area.  Travel to and from the location is the responsibility of the diver.  If there is carpooling, please be considerate and take part in the cost and expenses incurred.  Normally there are fees to get into locations that we will be diving.  That is from the property owner of the dive location and divers are responsible for those fees.  Scuba Shea LLC will not pay entry fees or any kind of participation fee for activities.