Scuba Diving Instructors of Northwest Indiana

Meet the Scuba Diving Instructors of Northwest Indiana

LeeAnn Shea


LeeAnn 2012

LeeAnn became a diver in 2006.  Needless to say, she always wanted to be a scuba diver and explore the undersea world but did not find many opportunities to accomplish that in Northern Wisconsin.  She didn’t realize all the opportunities that were there.  The dream persisted and she finally created the opportunity to realize her dream. That and she wanted to dive on her honeymoon…..

Without saying, she did not become a diver to become a scuba diving instructor.  Really, she just wanted to learn how to be an accomplished and confident scuba diver.  Her passion of helping others and being a trainer started her down the path of being a scuba diving professional.  Don’t let her fool you, she would have seen her husband even if she was not a diving professional.  But that is another story.

Today, she will tell you with passion her favorite dive sites, dive buddies and things that she has seen.  Don’t hesitate to contact LeeAnn about her adventures and your future adventures.

You can contact LeeAnn at 219.677.5540 or send her an email to


Mike Shea


Mike with Man of War

Mike next to 18th Century Man of War

Mike originally certified as a Military diver in 1992.  With a little forethought and some luck, he realized that there is more to scuba diving then just being a military diver.  He would go on to become a Dive Master in 1996.  Mike would hold the rating of Dive Master with both IDEA (International Divers Education Association) and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).  In 2007, Mike would make the move from being a Dive Master to that of an Open Water SCUBA Instructor.  The main reason for this step up is because Mike wanted to give back to the sport that opened so many doors and worlds for him.  He wanted to help people achieve the ability to scuba dive anywhere they have a desire to dive.

Today, Mike holds the PADI Master Instructor rating.  This is the second highest rating in the PADI system behind Course Director.  Now remember, Mike became a scuba diving instructor here in Northwest Indiana and the Chicago area.  So don’t let the location stop you from diving.  Let the years of experience and knowledge help make your diving experiences fun and memorable.

Without a doubt, Mike enjoys working with people that want to dive.  He likes to watch them overcome their apprehensions, fear and other notions to become certified scuba divers.

With a little luck and some fun along the way you will discover the undersea world holds breath taking pleasures, fascinations and pure enjoyment.  So come take the plunge with us, you will be glad you took the first step in your diving adventure with us.

To contact Mike, call him at 219.381.6725 or email him at